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Corporate Information Services

Corporate Information Services-Israel was formed in 2000 as a local independent affiliate of Corporate Information Services, Inc., a U.S-based business intelligence firm. The affiliation was formed to capitalize on the growth and maturation of the Israeli market, and to allow local executives to benefit from the worldwide resources of CIS as they compete on a more global basis.

Our Services

Competitive Intelligence

Fundamental information regarding competitors including information about products, prices, distribution array, sales, import and export data, projects and products in research and development.

Strategic Intelligence

Analysis of marketing and business strategies of both existing and potential competitors, with reference to the short and long term.

Due Diligence

Corporate Information Services supports clients’ investment decisions (mainly towards mergers, investments and partnerships) by providing comprehensive due diligence investigations of foreign and domestic targets.

Litigation Support

Corporate Information Services provide legal intelligence services that enable clients to pursue successful legal strategies and protect corporate assets.

Marketing Intelligence

Spotting, gathering and analyzing extensive information of a specific category and the tendencies in the market, especially for new companies.

Security Services

We provide Security services and expertise to Private and Public clients

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The economical and technological changes in the world and the creation of “A New Economy” have turned the business world to a fast, dynamic and thriving world. Consequently, the need of small and large companies to use modern management tools called MANAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE, rose significantly.

About Us

CIS Israel is headed by Shay and Ofer Yadin, who have been specializing in the field of business intelligence and information analysis for over 20 years .

CIS Israel is characterized with extensive and deep familiarity with the business market in Israel and until now performed services mainly for international companies interested in learning about the Israeli market and its companies. cis Israel, through its subsidiaries, has provided thousands of reports concerning Israeli companies to international and American corporations.

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